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Ellura Specialist

Auburn Urogynecology and Women’s Health

Female Urology & Gynecology located in Auburn, CA

Ellura Q & A

Ellura available: $45 per month

Medical-grade: ellura is made using a proprietary process to get to the powerful ingredient found deep within the juice concentrate of cranberries — PAC or proanthocyanidins. The PAC attaches to UTI-causing bacteria so it doesn't attach to your urinary tract wall and cause a UTI!

Proven prevention in every capsule: Only ellura has 36 mg of PAC in one capsule – the proven minimum amount needed for UTI protection! When you take ellura it creates a shield in your urinary tract to provide ongoing protection from UTI-causing bacteria. So to put it simply -- high levels of PAC are a must and one a day is a plus!

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